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Section A.3 Contributing

As a project that is licensed openly, we welcome contributions. And this does not necessarily mean you need to learn our primary language, XSL. For ideas, find the issues on GitHub that have the label contributor project. As one example, it would be very helpful if a member of the community would create and maintain a Wikipedia page. That is a skill that is very distinct from the other skills used to create and maintain other parts of the project. See Issue #207.

The documentation is authored in PreTeXt, so you know how to create additions, clean-up obsolete parts, and fix typos. If you know git and GitHub, then a pull request (on a new branch!) is a very economical way for us to manage contributions. Even if you do not know GitHub, we can easily accept files written in PreTeXt that contain changes to the documentation. (Send them to us by email, or post as attachments.)

Conversions are written in XSL, a declarative language. It has a steep learning curve, but is very powerful for an application like this. Start small, and we do not mind helping you along with suggestions and critiques. Do not begin an ambitious task unless your skills are up to it.